HyGear (http://hygear.nl/) is a clean tech company, specialized in the downscaling of chemical processes. These miniaturized gas processing systems can be installed at the end users’ sites, with which extensive inefficient supply chains become obsolete and local gaseous waste streams can be turned into valuable products.

HyGear has expertise in a broad range of gas processing technologies such as (V)PSA, reforming, gas separation and purification, desulfurization and methanation. With these technologies, we are able to offer multiple products that contribute to energy efficiency, process intensification, supply chain efficiency, emission reduction and the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Lead product is HyGear’s Hydrogen Generation System (HGS) that generates hydrogen on-site by steam reforming of natural gas. The Hydrogen Generation System finds its purpose in the (flat) glass industry, metal industry, chemical industry, food hydrogenation industry and can be installed at hydrogen filling stations to generate hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles. The system can reduce logistics, costs and emissions significantly.

Second product line is a range of Gas Purification Systems (GPS), to upgrade the purity of hydrogen, methane, nitrogen and oxygen into purities up to 9.0. The GPS can be installed on-site, for instance at biogas production facilities and facilities with waste streams of nitrogen.

Other focus areas are Fuel Cell systems, Gas to Liquid systems and combined Heat & Power systems to generate electricity and heat at remote locations. 

HyGear is established in 2002. The company is located in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The major shareholders are PPM Oost NV, a Dutch investment company (www.ppmoost.nl) and Abengoa Hidrogeno S.A., a Spanish sustainable engineering company, publicly traded at Bosla de Madrid (www.abengoa.es).