Thermochemical Cycles Over Redox Structured Reactors

Lorentzou S., Pagkoura C., Zygogianni A., Karagiannakis G., Konstandopoulos A.G.
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42 (31), pp. 19664-19682, 2017



Structured bodies from redox materials are a key element for the implementation of thermochemical cycles on suitable reactors for the solar H2O splitting. In the current work different configurations of nickel ferrite were investigated with respect to their performance in H2O splitting: i) powder, ii) disk, iii) honeycomb flow-through monoliths. The structured bodies were prepared via pressing and extrusion techniques. The performance of the different structures was affected significantly by differences in the structural characteristics. Alternative approaches involving casting techniques for the structuring of nickel ferrite porous bodies were also investigated. This work constitutes a preliminary attempt towards tuning such characteristics to achieve enhanced and cycle-to-cycle stable production yields.